Career Opportunities

As the Nigeria’s largest library and operating within a network of 3 Dutch university libraries, Development-ARC is committed to providing the Niger Delta’s academic community quality services and a vibrant learning environment through outreach programs, educational workshops, and youth services events.

We seek professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service, developing fruitful partnerships in the community, and implementing programs aligned with our mission and vision. You will be immersed in a motivating and challenging environment where innovation is key to the organisation. If you are looking to be a part of a stimulating workplace that is highly regarded by its culturally diverse community, Development-ARC is the place to be.

Voluntary & Work Experience Placements

At the Development-ARC, opportunities exist to volunteer and intern in many different departments.

Volunteers work on the information desks, as tour guides, as escorts for people with disabilities, and also in administrative and support roles in the offices. Internships and work experience placements offer the opportunity to experience the vast range of job opportunities across the Academic Resource Centre.

We welcome the contribution that interns and volunteers make to the Academic Resource Centre and the benefits of enthusiasm, fresh ideas and diversity that they can bring.

Open Applications

Development-ARC is continuously looking for talent. We hire librarians, academics and tutors to provide the Niger Delta’s academic community with a vibrant learning environment. We welcome open applications from trainees, starters, experienced educators. People who love to close deals.


You can submit your application by email (to or post:
Balistraat 27-a
1094JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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