Heritage Activities

Development-ARC’s heritage centre has the goal of encouraging the preservation of Niger Delta’s history and indigenous cultures.

In order to deliver those tangible memorable experiences and learning opportunities in various areas of history and culture we partner locally with universities, governments and communities.

Today, our centre supports and facilitates collecting as well as archiving activities for a number of meaningful heritage and historic collections. Collections concerned with the various phases of life: containing; clippings; pamphlets; artworks; photographs; extracts from periodicals, letters, signatures, manuscripts, documents and books that are of significant value to education and society now and in the future.

Development-ARC aims to share knowledge and experience in the hope of improving upon the standard of cultural heritage management, heritage studies and professional models.

Since our centre is relatively new, we are working hard to contribute towards excellence in the heritage field as well as inspire and explore new ideas and methods of research.

Therefore, we are constantly looking for collaborations and partnership to strengthen our existing expertise and develop new connections.

Contact Details

Balistraat 27-a
1094JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20-665 4163
Email: heritage@de-arc.org

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