Water Poisoning Killing Children in Nigeria !


Crude-oil spills, cholera- and typhoid infections have reached uncontrollable levels,

with far too many unborn and infants dying from contaminated water.

Help Us Build a Specialist Medical Centre:

1. We are collecting medical equipment donated by Dutch hospitals.
2. Our university supporters are transferring expertise to the local medical students and personnel.
3. With your help, we want to build the physical specialist medical centre and transport the medical equipments to the affected area.
4. To realise this life-saving project we need to raise EUR 179,000.

Yes, I want to help ..!

Donate € -

* We also welcome other forms of support including skills transfer and equipment donation.
Contact Willem Arendsen (project manager) warendsen@icc-edu.nl.

Project In Context

By the fall of 2014, the International College of Commerce (ICC) initiated the Development-ARC project in the Niger Delta of Nigeria with the support of the libraries of Maastricht University, VU Amsterdam and Wageningen UR.

ICC was informed, via medical students using the Development-ARC library that the infections and infant deaths caused by waterborne diseases; crude oil spills poisoning on water as well as dysentery, typhoid and cholera is widespread in this region.
This is also confirmed by the recent report by a group of scientists at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland.

In search of a sustainable solution; the International College of Commerce consulted students’ scientists from Wageningen University & Research. Due to the complex nature of the problem, the scientists applied a multi-disciplinary approach and used a community-based orientation to reach conclusions.

The research recommended among other interventions; a medical centre operated by the local medical students’ community for the recognition, prevention and cure of these diseases.
This is due solely to the non-existence of any properly equipped laboratory or specialist hospital in the affected areas.

Presently, ICC is collecting used medical equipment donated by academic medical centres and regional hospitals in the Netherlands for and on behalf of the project in the troubled region.

As such, we are appealing for public support to help raise funds (euro 179.000) for the cost of transportation of equipment’s, volunteers and physical building of this specialist medical facility in the Niger Delta.

Project Supporters:

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